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The software creates an image showing the chromosomes (both normal and rearranged) for an ISCN karyotype.

Enter the karyotype described by an ISCN formula in the text field below, select the desired map viewer with which chromosomal bands are to be linked, banding resolution, color style, and the sequence of the chromosomes, then click "Draw". The CyDAS software will then compute an image map containing the ideograms of all derivative and non-derivative chromosomes of the karyotype (= "karyogram"), with links to the NCBI or Ensembl map viewer.

It is absolutely indispensible that break points are specified; denoting them at a lower resolution than the resolution for the image may yield inconsistencies. Ring chromosomes of defined band composition are shown linearized; marker chromosomes (linear or ring shaped) are not shown. Minor errors in the formula are automatically corrected.

Background information on Known Problems and the technics of calculating a karyogram are available in the documentation section.

An experimental page for step by step development of a karyogram is also available.

Link to MapViewer: NCBI   Ensembl

Banding Resolution:2 Digits   400 Bands   550 Bands  800 Bands


The Drawing sequence denotes the sequence in which chromosomes are to be drawn. Chromosomes are limited by commata, "BR" is used to denote a line break.

Drawing Sequence:

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