Analysis of Data Sets for Gains, Losses and Breakpoints

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Enter the file containing the data and its data format, select a map viewer with which the chromosome bands are to be linked, the required banding resolution, and the maximum number of cases to be analysed. For drawing, the series, scale, cut off-levels for structural and numeric aberration (maximum value to be drawn) can be changed.

Possible data formats are the format of the Mitelman database, or a very simple custom format just containing a case identifier and the karyotype spearated from it by a tabulator or other separator per line; that format is also used for CGH data. For more information, see the "HowTo on Data Formats."

If you are not familiar with getting data from the Mitelman database, please have a look at the HowTo "Retrieving data from the Mitelman database". Please note that some data in the Mitelman database do use an older version of the ISCN. Such data may still be compatible with ISCN 1995 and then be analysed correctly, but some data may be no more compatible and thus not be parsed correctly; more information on ISCN errors can be found in the HowTo "ISCN Error Analysis".




 Mitelman    Custom Format (Banding Analysis)   Custom Format (CGH)

For Custom Format Only:

Separator:  Tabulator   Pipe ("|")   Blank (" ")


NCBI Ensemble

Banding Resolution:

2 Digits   400 Bands   550 Bands

Number of cases:

The maximum number of cases is limited for technical reasons (duration of calculation) to the default value given below. You may use an even lower value.

Maximum Cases:
Total Cases:
Valid Cases:

Other drawing parameters:

If no cutoff is desired, use "0".

CutOff Structural
CutOff Numeric

The Drawing sequence denotes the sequence in which chromosomes are to be drawn. Chromosomes are limited by commata, "BR" is used to denote a line break.

Drawing Sequence:


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Hiller B, Bradtke J, Balz H and Rieder H (2004):
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