Download section

CyDAS is freely available under the GNU General Public License (see License).

Depending on your needs, you may download a full application (recommended) or libraries containing the business logic only (e.g. for your own programming purposes).

An installation guide is available in the documentation section.

General System Requirements

CyDAS is written with Microsoft Visual Basic .Net. Hence, for running the software a computer with a current version of Microsoft Windows (Windows 98, NT 4.0, Me, 2000, XP) is required. Furthermore, the dotnet framework must be installed on that computer. It is available at no charge from the site of the Microsoft Corporation:

If you plan to access a database with CyDAS, a current version of MDAC (2.7 or later) is also required. It is available at no charge from the site of the Microsoft Corporation:

CyDAS Application

The CyDAS application merges all modules of the CyDAS package into an application running on common Windows computers.

Your data are stored in a database of your choice (MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL) and can be edited there.

CyDAS will analyse them for gains and losses or break points per chromosomal band, calculate karyoytpe evolution trees, dependence between aberrations, distribution of aberrations towards simple or complex karyotypes etc. Many parameters for these calculations can be adjusted to your needs.

If you want to work with the source code, have a look at the Developer Guide.

CyDAS Business Logic

If you are a programmer and want to integrate parts of CyDAS into your own applications, you may want to access the relevant libraries only (if you downloaded the full application, no further downloads are necessary because all files are contained in the full application).

If you want to work with the source code, have a look at the Developer Guide.


This is the library for dealing with ISCN data, i.e. the core of the CyDAS project.

It requires both the CyDASMining and the CyDASGeneralControls libraries which are not included (see below).

The resource file Chromosomes.xml must be copied into the same directory as ISCNAnalyser.dll (In case of using the source code, this means the bin subdirectory of the ISCNAnalyser source code).


Here, functions for data mining and displaying the data mining results are stored. They were kept quite generic and thus can be used without the context of CyDAS, too.

This dll requires the CyDASGeneralControls library which is not included (see below).


This library stores classes and controls which are not specific for CyDAS, e.g. an ImageMap for use in Windows applications.

VBA Example Applications

The CydAS libraries can be used to set up various applications of your own choice.
Below, two examples are given which demonstrate how a karyogram can be drawn in a Microsoft Office application. In both cases, both the ISCNAnalyser.dll and the CyDASGeneralControls.dll must be referenced.
Note that with Visual Basic for Applications only a non-interactive bitmap can be shown, while with "normal" Visual Basic (i.e. of Visual Studio) also the ImageMap control can be used thus allowing for an interactive karyogram.