CyDAS Documentation Section

Here you will find documentation for both they user of the CyDAS application and for programmers using modules of CyDAS for their own applications.

The CyDAS User Guide informs you on how to install and run the integrated CyDAS application; the CyDAS Technical Documentation explains the classes of this program to programmers.

The logic for analysing ISCN data is packed in the ISCN Analyser dll whose classes are described here. A more prosaic description of the main steps of analysing an ISCN formula is also available.

Data mining functions (which may also be useful outside the CyDAS context) are packed in the CyDAS Mining dll.

Functions and controls of a more general use were merged into the CyDAS General Controls library.

The following graphic shows the connections between the distinct parts of CyDAS.

The main executable CyDAS.exe links all three dlls and its configuration files. The ISCNAnalyser depends on both other dlls and a file containing information on human chromosomes. CyDASMining makes use of CyDASGeneralControls which is independent from other components.

All programming was done with Microsoft Visual Basic .Net (IDE Version 7.0.9514; .Net Framework 1.0.3705).
Binaries and source code are available under the GNU Public License.

Special notes for the developer regarding the compilation and debugging of CyDAS are also available.

Some functionality of CyDAS is already available as a Web Service.