Analysing a polyclonal karyotype

Sometimes a few clonal lines can be distinguished from each other during analysis of a case. Analysis of such a polyclonal karyotype is performed by calculating a "composite" ("[cp]") karyotype an dthen performing analysis on this composite karyotype.

Let us assume that the karyotype formulae are entered in the textbox 'txtKaryotype' on a form, separated from each other by a forward slash ("/"). After clicking the button 'Button1', the composite karyotype is calculated, that karyotype is analysed as shown in "Analysing a monoclonal karyotype", and the results are written into the multiline textbox 'txtResult'.

At first, integrate the ISCNAnalyser dll into your project. From the menu 'Project' select 'Add references'. The ISCNAnalyser dll is
located in its installation directory (normally C:\CyDAS\).

Add an 'Imports' statement in your form before the beginning of the class:
Imports ISCNAnalyser

In the 'Button1_Click' procedure add:

'define a Karyotypes object
Dim oKaryos As Karyotypes
'the composite karyotype will be stored herein
Dim objKaryotype As Karyotype

'initialise the karyotypes object with the textual description
oKaryos = New Karyotypes(txtKaryotype.Text)
'try to get a composite karyotype
    'query the karyotypes object; it may throw an error, if a karyotype is not valid
    objKaryotype = oKaryos.getCompositeKaryotype

    'since we got here, there was no error and we do really have a composite karyotype
    'we pass it to the local analysis function

Catch exc As Exception
    'an error has occured, show it to the user
    txtResult.Text &= "Error while constructing composite Karyotype: " & vbCrLf

    'the message of the last error
    txtResult.Text &= exc.Message

    'sometimes, there is an inner error
    If Not exc.InnerException Is Nothing Then
        txtResult.Text &= vbCrLf & exc.InnerException.Message
    End If
End Try

The analysis of a the composite karyotype is then performed as described in "Analysing a monoclonal karyotype".